version 1.3.4
  • removed wrong dk.po
version 1.3.3
  • some small fixes and code cleanups
version 1.3.2
  • support for custom page sizes
  • new option "-F" to hide FileTab if file is given.
  • Fix display of file arguments passed on the commandline.
  • merge some small fixes
  • fixed danish translation, thanks to scootergrisen
  • fixed dutch translation, thanks to Pander
version 1.3.1
  • spanish translation updated, thanks to Jose Luis Tirado
  • new croatian translation, thanks to Zoran Spoja
version 1.3.0
  • favorite printers patch, thanks to Amon Ott
  • bugfixes and non-utf8-enhancements, thanks to Oleh Nykyforchyn
  • fixes for autoconf/automake chain
version 1.2.10
  • patch to work with AppArmor, thanks to Andreas Bolsch
  • patch to compile against cups 1.6.0, thanks to Eric for mention these patches
version 1.2.9
  • always use -lX11
  • print jobs not shown in gtklpq
  • setting port for gtklpq not possible
  • compile with X11-Libs
  • code cleanups
version 1.2.8a
  • patched to compile with cups 1.5, thanks to Bengt Ahlgren
version 1.2.8
  • remove "please wait", mentioned by Kees Lemmens
  • new russian translations, thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov
version 1.2.7
  • new danish translation, thanks to Jørn Christensen.
  • fixed "client not found" in gtklpq
  • fixed compiler warnings
  • removed support for Gtk1
version 1.2.6
  • new ukrain translation, thanks to Mikhailo Lytvyn
  • new czech translation, thanks to Marek Straka
version 1.2.5
  • the accept/deny feature to hide printers isn't so much confusing anymore (at least i hope so...)
  • if all printers are hidden the program shouldn't hang.
version 1.2.4
  • bigger "number of pages" box
version 1.2.3
  • ukrainian man-pages included, thanks to Lytvyn Mikhajlo
  • translated man-pages now copied to docs
  • new ukrainian translation, thanks to Lytvyn Mikhajlo
  • collate bug fixed, thanks to Anders Blomdell
version 1.2.2
  • language updates
  • email in man-page has vanished
  • UTF-Errors with GtkLPQ
  • Patch to avoid dependencies to FreeType2
version 1.2.1
  • BugFix: remembered printer is not suppressed by $PRINTER anymore
  • new dutch translation
version 1.2.0
  • GtkLPQ should now better handle long queues
  • Progress-Bar when GtkLP starts (Gtk2 only)
  • New option "save size and position" (Gtk2 only)
  • polish translation updated
version 1.1.1
  • gamma is now a function, so changed to gamma
  • PPD-DropDowns should have no scrollbars anymore
  • Gentoo-Patch in libgtklp (locale_h)
  • new built script for packages
  • some po-files changed
version 1.1.0
  • new numbering scheme
  • bug fix: number of pages in PPD-Sektion, too
  • new gtk2 file selection dialog (optional)
  • configure script changes
version 1.0g
  • increased number of supported printers to 150 by default
  • configure option added: --with-maxprinters=n
version 1.0f
  • bugfix: number of copies changes via keyboard should work now
version 1.0e
  • updated german translation
version 1.0d
  • new chinese translations
version 1.0c
  • "Double Free" bug fixed
  • new polish translation
  • backup files in source package removed
version 1.0b
  • simple chinese translation added
version 1.0a
  • new russian translation
  • hungarian translation added
  • fix for fixed console locales
version 1.0
  • fixed configure scripts
  • new italian translation
  • new spanish translation
  • new border-layout order
version 1.0pre3
  • souped up Gtk2-Dialog-Boxes
  • graphical error dialogs for "normal" errors
  • option -i requires no argument anymore
  • fixed double constrained checks
  • better support for "enter" in dialogs
  • bugs in password-dialog fixed
  • icons in Gtk2
version 1.0pre2
  • cosmetic in about box
  • fixed some Copyright issues with GPL again.
  • use g_warning instead of g_error to avoid core dumps.
version 1.0pre1
  • fixed some licensing issues with GPL
version 0.9u/2
  • brazilian translation, thanks to Marcelo Ricardo Leitner
version 0.9u
  • delete chars from stdin on exit
  • new configure option: --enable-forte
  • PageSize is the same as PageRegion now.
  • hopefully worked around the "pango error" on bad systems
  • dont select whole directorys on print
  • traditional chinese translation
  • catalan translation updated
version 0.9s
  • Collate Copies
  • Image position is saved now
  • frensh translation fixed
  • russian translation updated
version 0.9r
  • Gtk2 and Gtk1 support
  • You can call gtklpq out of gtklp
  • many bugs fixed
  • Toggle TabView bug fixed
  • File Selection dialog changed with gtk2
  • Constraints check off by default
  • new Strings, po-files need to be updated
version 0.9p
  • Bug with german umlauts and frensh accents *should* be fixed, thanks to Bernhard Walle
  • new frensh po-file, thanks to Roland Baudin
  • crash when using templates fixed
  • "remove all" added to file selection tab
  • add button in file selection tab fixed
  • added output-order option
  • added print-mirror option
version 0.9n-2
  • Segfault fixed
version 0.9n
  • Fixes for Page Size/Region problems
  • hide Printers, special thanks to Michael Münsch
  • Layout optimizations
  • PL-Lang updated
  • some new icons
version 0.9m
  • Bug with two tuxes in image pos selection fixed
  • new italian translation, special thanks to Francesco Marletta
  • GtkLPQ: reject/accept jobs
  • give a reason when rejecting jobs, or disabling printers
  • GtkLPG can act as accept, reject, enable, disable
version 0.9l
  • autosize of fields with lpq-textmode. Nedded for some languages.
  • some bug fixes in po-entries used by GtkLP *and* GtkLPQ
  • GtkLP: print is default action
  • GtkLPQ: cancel is default action
  • image position has new design
  • updated man-pages
  • GtkLPQ can act as lprm when called like this
  • timeout option for lpq
version 0.9k
  • Warning when trying to compile with "without-cups" but should work on most circumstances
  • number-up=(6|9|16) added
  • numer-up-layout added
  • page-border added
  • textwrap adde
  • landscape-mode with pictures
version 0.9i
  • cyrillic language fixes
  • multiselection mode for adding files
  • russian translation fixed
  • force console mode when called as lp*
  • new environment variable GTKLP_FORCEX
  • heavy compatibility improvements when called as lp*
  • some new command-line options
  • bugfix for -o name=value option
  • new option "Save number of copies on exit"
  • error codes fixed
  • configfiles have changed
  • error window not *behind* main window
  • dialog windows are "always on top"
  • error window is "always on top"
version 0.9g
  • new frensh translation with special thanks to Roland Baudin
  • new option -C (force console-mode)
  • new option -h (help)
version 0.9f
  • new configure and automake files with special thanks to Artur Frysiak
  • old (incomplete) languages converted from Artur Frysiak
  • japanese language support with special thanks to Takeshi AIHANA
version 0.9e
  • italian support with special thanks to Francesco
  • small cosmetic problems with GtkLPQ fixed
  • GtkLPQ doesn't segfault in Debug-Mode on some systems anymore
  • config.h.fallback included
version 0.9d
  • configure support with special thanks to Nils
  • gettext support with special thanks to Nils
  • less segmentation faults
  • some more user error`s
  • some small bug fixes
  • new option -g geometry for GtkLPQ
  • new spec-file with special thanks to Nils
version 0.9
  • GtkLP is now compatibel with lpoptions
  • No problems with too many PPD-Entrys anymore
  • console-support
  • support for -o option=value at commandline
  • Instance-Support
  • Constraints-Support
  • Icons for GtkLPQ
  • New config-files
version 0.8h
  • Remember last tab fixed
version 0.8g
  • New Option: Remember last tab
  • gtklprc changed
  • lang-files changed
version 0.8f
  • Italian support, some sizings fixed
version 0.8e
  • Option sides=one-sided added for Duplex-Printers
version 0.8d
  • Problems when no Description in PPD fixed
  • Problems with foreign PPDs fixed
  • Problems with QMS-PPDs fixed
  • Message when wrong printer, program doesn`t exit.
  • Problems when Printer removed on Server fixed.
  • Number of Printers in Debug-Mode fixed
version 0.8c
  • GtkLPQ fixed: It doesn't ran out of memory anymore
version 0.8b
  • GtkLP fixed: Proplems with bad ppd`s
  • Some cosmetic fixes
version 0.8a
  • GtkLPQ fixed: Queue-update works again...
version 0.8
  • password support implemented
  • gtklpq, an queue tool added
  • number of PPD-Entrys increased
  • some bugs fixed...
version 0.6g
  • Some Bugs fixed
version 0.6f
  • Images next to the Duplex-Settings
version 0.6e
  • new language-files
  • some bugs fixed
version 0.6d
  • new option -i (ignore stdin) to work with acroread
  • stdin is ignored when a filename is given on command-line
version 0.6c
  • ppd-bug fixed
version 0.6b
  • option -p port added
  • bug with space at the end of OpenGroup-tags fixed
version 0.6
  • printer specific options from ppd included
  • new config-files
  • some bug fixed, some added ;-)
version 0.4b
  • trouble when only having one printer fixed
version 0.4a
  • remember printer option fixed
  • docs updated
version 0.4
  • IPP Support for printing from cups clients
  • use the cups librarys for printing
  • new commandline option -S Servername for easily selecting other Servers than the default one
  • new config files
  • option "delete job after print" removed
  • option "print jobid" added
  • labels with line-breaks for Printer Informations
version 0.2
  • Initial (alpha) Release GNU Vim AnyBrowser