01.11.19version 1.3.4 out. The only change is a fix to the dansk translation, thanks to scootergrisen.
There's no real development and the sourcecode is very deprecated. Patches welcome...
06.03.17version 1.3.3 out.
26.02.14version 1.3.1 out.
12.03.13version 1.3.0 out. This version introduces favorite printers, a great idea and patch from Amon Ott!
23.10.12version 1.2.10 out. This version should compile against cups 1.6
16.05.12version 1.2.9 out. This version should work with latest cups versions again.
12.03.12Page moved to my private Server and patched version for cups 1.5 available now. Thanks to Bengt Ahlgren.
16.11.10the contact formular works again
11.02.10version 1.2.8 out
25.01.10Novell send me openSUSE 11.2 for free to support my work. Thank you very much.
21.06.09version 1.2.7 out
25.07.08broken download link fixed.
02.03.08danish translation for GtkLP 1.2.6, thanks to Jørn Christensen.
04.02.08packages for puppy linux are now available, thanks to John Baumert!
15.11.07version 1.2.6 out
25.10.07Novell send me SUSE 10.3 for free to support my work. Thank you very much.
15.09.07new source-packages: the "gtklp.pot" was missing and caused problems when compiling under Solaris.
08.09.07new source-packages: fixed build system, new ukrain translation, thanks to Daniel Macks for mention the bad sources.
 fixed ukrainian translation for GtkLP 1.2.5, thanks to Mikhailo Lytvyn.
07.09.07updated ukrainian translation for GtkLP 1.2.5, thanks to Mikhailo Lytvyn.
30.08.07version 1.2.5 out
31.07.07version 1.2.4 out
08.02.07version 1.2.3 out
06.10.06ukrainian man-page, thanks to Lytvyn Mikhajlo.
Name of the ukrainian translation changed to uk_UA.
05.10.06initial ukrainian translation, thanks to Lytvyn Mikhajlo.
10.07.06Fedora has GtkLP Packages in the extras-section.
31.05.06version 1.2.2 out
30.05.06Novell send me SUSE 10.1 for free to support my work. Thank you very much. More distributions welcome! ;-)
18.05.06fixed catalan translation, thanks to Lluís Vilanova
18.05.06updated catalan translation, thanks to Lluís Vilanova
17.05.06updated english translation.
11.05.06updated frensh translation, thanks to Roland Baudin
24.03.06Packages for Fedora Core 5
25.02.06version 1.2.1 out
24.02.06again a new dutch translation, thanks to Jeroen Heijmans
23.02.06new dutch translation, thanks to Jeroen Heijmans
20.02.06version 1.2.0 out
20.02.06Michal now sent me the right translation. Thank you very much!
20.02.06Sorry! The latest polish translation was for gtkam, not gtklp.
16.02.06new polish translation, thanks to Michal Wrobel
14.02.06the best valentines present: version 1.1.1 out and some changes to the web-page
29.12.05nice italian tutorial in the download section, thanks to Davide Marchi!
14.11.05version 1.1.0 out
17.10.05Thanks to Novell for a free version of SUSE 10.0 to support my work!
15.10.05Thanks to Indus Alarmsysteme for donations to my project.
23.08.05I became a blastwave maintainer today. So you can install gtklp for solaris with blastwaves pkg-get script now.
08.08.05new packages for Fedora and Solaris
28.07.05version 1.0g out
19.06.05version 1.0f out
18.06.05version 1.0e out
06.05.05version 1.0d out
05.05.05new chinese translations
30.04.05fixed chinese translation, thanks to Ambrose Li
29.04.05new traditional chinese translation, thanks to Ambrose Li
25.04.05Thanks to SuSE for a free version of their distribution to support my work!
More distributions welcome! ;-)
06.04.05binary packages for irix have arrived. Thanks to Dirk Engel!
01.04.05some new screenshots, thanks to Jeremie Bergeron.
08.03.05new binary packages uploaded. I hope they won't be corrupted by any mirror this time...
07.03.05the non-rpm binary downloads are corrupt. Sorry. I'll fix that problem soon....
03.03.05version 1.0c out
27.02.05there are some issues with older cups versions, please use at least version 1.1.23
05.01.05new polish translation, thanks to Michal Wrobel
04.01.05version 1.0b out
27.12.04simple chinese translation, thanks to Hongjun Gu
23.12.04version 1.0a out
22.12.04hungarian translation, thanks to Bús József
20.12.04new crux packages, thanks to Jolupa
01.12.04new russian translation,packages for ALT-Linux and fix for wrong locales in console-mode with special thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov
17.11.04version 1.0 out now!!!
14.11.04new screenshots and a patch to make GtkLP work under tru64 alpha systems with special thanks to Michael Thessel.
24.10.04new spanish translation with special thanks to Juan Manuel Martínez
 new icon for optional(new) po-files on the main page
12.10.04new Crux-Package with special thanks to Jose Luis
06.10.04new italian translation with special thanks to Francesco Marletta
04.10.04New Homepage online. The page is build with SSI now and the menu uses CSS and *no* images anymore.
But the page is also viewable in older browser. Only the look could be a kind of ugly ;-)
30.08.04version 1.0pre2 out
29.08.04version 1.0pre1 out
01.08.04brazilian trabslation added to source package, slack packages build with makepkg for now.
30.07.04new conectiva packages arrived, including the brazilian translation, thanks to Marcelo Ricardo Leitner
27.07.04slackware packages updated, gtk1-packages online again
27.07.04version 0.9u out
19.07.04catalan translation updated, thanks to Daniel Hernández
16.06.04traditional chinese translation, thanks to Hsiu-Ching
18.05.04Patch to get GtkLP 0.9r compile with forte under Solaris, thanks to Ivan Noris
18.05.04version 0.9s out
15.05.04russian po, man-pages and packages for Alt-Linux. Thanks to Вячеслав Диконов.
13.05.04oversized src-packages fixed
11.05.04new frensh translation, thanks to Roland Baudin!
11.05.04version 0.9r out
04.04.04Catalan translation available. Thanks to Dani Hernandez
17.03.04RPM Packages for Fedora Core1 arrived! Special thanks to Tim Niemueller!
11.03.04The newest Gtk2 version seems to work. So I think the Gtk2-Version with
some bugfixes could be released in May or June after my exam...
31.08.03I'm on my way to finish support for Gtk2.
But don't panik, support for Gtk1 won't disappear.
04.08.03version 0.9p out
22.06.03There are some Bugs on Debian systems. Please read the known bugs
09.06.03Packages for RedHat 9 available. Special thanks to Filippo Rusconi !
05.06.03SegFaults fixed
23.05.03SegFaults in 0.9n, due to uninitialised variables
21.05.03version 0.9n out
26.11.02updated it.po, with special thanks to Francesco Marletta
13.09.02updated fr.po, with special thanks to Mathieu Lallemand
06.09.02updated ru.po, with special thanks to Вячеслав Диконов.
02.09.02version 0.9m out
cause i am stupid, the src-rpm for redhat won't be out until tomorrow...
30.08.02new italian translation with special thanks to Francesco Marletta
26.08.02version 0.9l out
 AIX packages with special thanks to Srinivasan Bhaskaran
10.07.02improved russian language support (man-pages, menu-entrys, translations, ...)
and alt-linux-packages from Вячеслав Диконов.
Get it at the download-section.
Thank you very much !
08.07.02version 0.9k out
21.05.02Japanese po-file unpdated with special thanks to Takeshi AIHANA
20.05.02version 0.9i out
18.04.02version 0.9g out
07.04.02version 0.9f out
28.03.02version 0.9e out
27.03.02version 0.9d out
13.03.02Fixed Italian language support with special thanks to Salvatore Vassallo
05.03.02version 0.9 out
03.03.02Some russian support files with special thanks to sdiconov.
02.02.02Some packages for Conectiva Linux added with special thanks to Raul
29.11.01netherlands language support with special thanks to Erik Verkuil
02.11.01New binary packages and new lang-files online
01.11.01version 0.8h out
30.10.01version 0.8g out
26.10.01version 0.8f out
Italian language support with special thanks to Salvatore Vassallo
24.10.01version 0.8e out
16.10.01version 0.8d out
27.09.01version 0.8c out
22.09.01Hey ! I got four cows from TuCows
13.09.01version 0.8b out
12.09.01src-package fixed: man-directory included, czech lang-file included
New packages for Solaris on Sparc
BugFix for gtklpq, so new version out
07.09.01czech language support with special thanks to Marek Kubesa
The spanish support is also repaired, thanks again to Luis !
06.09.01version 0.8 out
Since the spanish and the frensh language files are broken, I need your help !
Please send me translations of lang.h in your language !
04.05.01I got 3 Penguins from LinuxBerg !!!
01.03.01images for the different duplex settings, special thanks to Benno Kardel
25.11.00spanish language support available, special thanks to Luis María Cruz
24.11.00stdin is now ignored, when a file is given
23.11.00new option -i (ignore stdin) to work with acroread
10.11.00ppd-Parser Bug fixed
25.10.00option -p port added and ppd-bug fixed
23.10.00New Release finished
02.09.00the english linux binary is really english for now. Sorry ;-)
30.08.00trouble when only having one printer fixed
12.08.00frensh language support available, special thanks to Roland Baudin GNU Vim AnyBrowser